Clubs Specializing in African Birds

Isabel Taylor, Roland G. Dubuc


TheĀ African Parrot Society

The African Parrot Society was started in the summer of 1990. Written information about African parrots has always been scarce and it was because of this need that this organization was formed. The African Parrot Society (APS) is a non-profit international organization with members in six foreign countries. APS was started following the demise of The Poicephalus Newsletter, but includes African Grays and Vasas as well as the Poicephalus species. We felt it very important that the newsletter be contributed to by as many people as possible, acknowledging that we need to share our experiences with these birds. The African Parrot Society strives to be an organization in which its members participate. Membership includes a quarterly newsletter and all members are urged to write an article, or at least a paragraph, of their experience with these birds to support each other and further the body of knowledge about these birds. The stated goals of the society are:
1. Encourage high standards and promote responsible breeding of African parrots by aviculturists and zoological institutions.
2. Share information about breeding, behavior and management through a periodic newsletter to benefit the preservation of these species in captivity.
3. Promote the protection of these species in the wild and the preservation of their habitat.
4. Promote a better liaison between aviculturists, ornithologists, field researchers, zoo personnel and veterinarians.
5. Establish books to insure genetic diversity.
6. Take an annual census of captive populations.
7. Support and encourage veterinary...

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