Hurricane Disaster

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Editor's Note: The APA has received a huge amount of correspondence, photos and articles regarding Hurricane Andrew's massive devastation and the ensuing emergency relief and rebuilding. Not all can be published. The following articles and photos are representative. Additional follow-ups will appear in the next issue of Watchbird.
When Help is Needed, AFA is There!

Hurricane Andrew caused major devastation to south Florida. In addition to damage to many businesses and individuals, the Miami Metrozoo was all but destroy ed and Parrot Jungle hit hard. Although major relief efforts are flooding into the area, very little aid is being directed towards the avian community. In addition to loss of their homes and personal property, many bird owners suffered the total destruction of their outdoor aviaries and, in many instances, the housing for their pet birds. Because of this, many birds are being confined to small crates, shipping boxes, carriers, etc. There are shortages of feed, uncontaminated water, and other necessary supplies. The need is also great for new cages and shelters since most of the shade trees were destroyed.

AFA First Vice President Chuck Saffell was instrumental in immediately responding to the emergency. He set up the distribution of supplies including gloves, splints, bandages and bird seed.

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