Veterinary Viewpoints

Amy B. Worell


Editor's Note: The AFA is very
pleased to present a new series of
columns called Veterinary Viewpoints,
edited by Amy Worell, D. VM.
Dr. Wore!! was graduated from
Auburn University with a D.V.M.
degree, with honors. She has practiced
in southern California for the last six
years where she sees a large number of
avian patients. She has a special interest
in pediatrics and nutrition and, as
an aviculturist, is currently working
with nine species of cockatoos, African
gray parrots, scarlet macaws, and
pionus parrots. Dr. Worell is active in
a number of professional associations
and is a frequent lecturer on avian
A unique thing about Veterinary
Viewpoints is that a number of veterinarians
are consulted and a broad
spectrum of viewpoints are presented.
lbu won't get just one veterinarian's
opinion. No single vet can know all
about everything so Dr. Worell will....

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