Canary Culture: Concepts in Genetics (part 4)

Tony Bucci


My last article dealt with sex-linked
inheritance. We learned how the sexlinked
characteristic can exhibit itself
as dominant or recessive. Also, we
learned which colors and/or mutations
are sex-linked. I neglected to include
the "Satinette" as one of the sex-linked
mutations. Satinette factor has a great
effect of diluting the melanin pigment,
especially the black. Also, it has effects
on the pigment in the eyes. Satinette, in
appearance, is an Isabel with red eyes.
Satinette factor is sex-linked recessive
to all other factors. Satinette is not to be
confused with the "Ino" canary
whose eyes are also red. The Ino factor
is autosomal recessive.

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