Breeding Cycle of the Gouldian Finch

Anthony J. Mobbs


Of all the Australian finches, the
Gouldian appears to have the most
pronounced breeding pattern and, if
the species is not allowed to carry out
the full cycle, it is more than likely a
breeding attempt will fail.
To someone who is not conversant
with the breeding behavior of the
species, certain aspects can prove
somewhat worrying. It is, therefore,
beneficial for a breeder to fully
understand the cycle as not only 'Yill
this eliminate need for concern, it
should also enable a breeder to produce
more chicks each year.
In the United Kingdom the majority
of Gouldian finch enthusiasts
house their breeding pairs in individual
cages. This is due partly to the
somewhat inclement weather we
experience. In certain areas of the
States, many breeders no doubt house
their Gouldians in communal aviaries
or outside flights. However, as most
Gouldian finch breeders are interested
in mutations, it is preferable to
cage breed, even where weather conditions
are ideal for outdoor breeding.
More control can be maintained
over caged birds, which is essential if
a breeder wishes to line breed.

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