Pheasant Trekking in Nepal

LoRayne Haye


Sherpa: "You did bring a salt shaker
didn't you'"
LoRayne: "Well ... ah ... no. Why'"
Sherpa: " It 's the only thing that will
make the leeches drop off of you."
txcerptsfrom a pheasant trek,
5, 000 ft. Siang Kobang Valley,
Himalayas, Nepal
Looking out over the valley it finally
hit me just how really far away from
home I was ; far away from cars ,
phones, jets, and T.V. sets.
Hearing the ominous cry of a crested
serpent eagle (Spilornis cheela), I
shifted back into what was to be my
reality for the next ten days. I was part
of a team of interested people, biologists
and others , who all shared a

common bond - the deep love and
appreciation for pheasants.

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