Turquoisine ParaReet

Sheldon Dingle


Almost all of you are familiar with
our beautiful cover bird, the turquoisine
parakeet. It is one of seven species
belonging to the genus Neophema. A
resident of southeastern Australia, it
frequents open forests and grasslands
often along water courses. It is a cavity
nester using holes in trees, stumps, or
even logs on the ground. All Neophemas
are ground feeding seed eaters
especially favoring seeding grasses.
After all, these tiny parrots are only
about the size of a budgerigar and can't
be expected to crack large seeds and
The turquoisine's status in the wild
has had its ups and downs but, at present,
it seems to be doing well and its
numbers are actually increasing. It is
not thought to be in great jeopardy
unless there is an unexpected and very
radical alteration of its habitat.

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