from the field: Green-cheeked Amazon Update

Jack Clinton-Eitniear


redheaded parrot were previously
described in "Status of the Greencheeked
Amazon in northeastern
Mexico'' (December/January 1986 ), an
article in the Watchbird so I will only
summarize here. The species is of an
average length of 12 inches and green
in coloration except for crimson on the
!ores and crown, reel on the secondaries
and a yellmvish band on the tips
of the tail feathers . It inhabits a
restricted environment of lowlands,
foothills (to 1200 meters), gallery
forest and deciduous woodlands of
the northeastern Mexican state of
Previously the species was traded
heavily with 3,279 being imported
from October 1979 until June 1980
alone (source: Declaration of Import
Documents). The only current " legal"
supply of green-cheeks is from the various
Customs Department auctions
conducted on an irregular basis along
the border states. In Texas this species
composes the majority of the species
being auctioned , with over 100 birds
not infrequently offered. The species is
traded frequently as a smuggled bird.
~ewspapers in San Antonio often offer
birds of "questionable" backgrounds.
Individuals, in the course of discussions,
have confirmed the presence of
numerous smuggled birds.

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