Jack Clinton-Eitniear


A p air of Mauritius parakeets
(Psittacula eques) has success full y
h atch ed in the wile! . T his is th e f irst
kn own bree ding r ecord f o r the
severely threa tened p arrot in recent
yea rs. T he adult p opul ati o n is es ti mated
at ei ght indi v idu al s. (Wo rld
Birdwatch, Vol. I 0 , No. 1. 1988)
A shipm ent o f capti ve bred Bali
mynahs (s tarlings) (Leucop sar rothschild
i) f rom Ameri can zoos and the
.J ersey Wildli fe Preservati on Tru st
arrived at th e Su rabaya Zoo in December
to provid e a stock from whi ch to
produce offspring fo r release into the
w ild . In .January the first eggs were laid
and the building o f a pre- release train ing
centre in t he h ea rt of Bal i Barat
;\/ational Park w ill shortly begin . Sadly,
a census ca rri ed out by the Nati on al
Park staff late la st yea r revealed the
wile! p opul ation is still in decline. Only
55 indiYiduals were sighted during the
ce nsus of all prn io usly kn own roost
sites. T his clea rly highlights the plight
of th e sp ec ies and emphas izes the
impo rtance of the pro jec t . (Wo rld
Birdwa tch, Vol. I 0, No. I . 1988)

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