Becoming the Professional Aviculturist

Thomas C. Marshall


Many aviculturists have as their modus operandi " everybody mind his own business.'' Consequently, they don't participate in supplying breeding in formation in any systematic fashion to those specialty societies who request it or to AFA when it operated the Breeding Registry. Apparently, we fail to realize how important our breeding in form ati on is going to be in the struggle bet ween bird importers and humane organizations. Aviculturisrs are now seen by outside groups as being on the side of the importers who are perceived by many to have little concern about what happens to the thousands of birds imported annually. We must, in the very near future, produce documented breeding in formation to justify the existence of aviculture. Many self-proclaiming aviculturists don't seem to ca r e abo ut the larger issues that face U.S. aviculture. The fact is th at es tim ates are b eing proffe red that indicate we are breeding only 10% of the birds that come into this country. I don ' t know how they kn ow this, but in th e absence of any data to rhe contrary, th ose figures will be assumed to be accurate. For rhe future, we have a
responsibility to those who come after us and for the present we must do what we can to help conserve the world 's wildlife now. The importers and breeders both have responsibilities which, if not met , can alter or abolish aviculture for the...

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