Fruit Pigeons & Doves... Glamour on the Wing

Jan Parrott-Holden


When it comes to beautiful birds, why is it hookbill people think they have the market cornered? It's true, you know. The breeders of parrots, macaws, conures and the like believe that nothing in the pigeon/dove world can even come close. But they haven't seen our fruit pigeons and other lovelies - the wild species whose gaudy plumage glistens like a crystal in the sun's rays. Birds adorned in pink, green, orange and yellow. Indeed, every color of the rainbow.

One rarely sees fruit pigeons and doves. They are not common avian specimens. And when a fancier does run across one of these beautiful species, he or she must be willing to spend a goodly sum of money for possession. Scarcity and difficulty of procreation equal dollar signs in this hobby. So those of us on fixed incomes must resort to picture books. We must read about men like Derek Goodwin and Jean Delacour, study the glossy plates, and dream.

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Wild Pigeons & Doves, Delacour, Jean, copyright 1980, TFH Publications, Inc.

Pigeons & Doves of the World, Goodwin, Derek, copyright 1970, Staples Printers, Ltd., British Museum of Natural History, London. •


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