Birds of a Feather Hatch Together at Cincinnati Zoo

Michelle Curley


The population explosion continues at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botancial Garden. A Steller's sea eagle, the Zoo's first Raggiana bird of paradise chick, and three spur-winged lapwings are among the significant hatchings reported in the past two weeks.

Steller's sea eagles are one of the rarest raptors in the world. They are twice the size of and much more aggressive than their close relative, the bald eagle. The Cincinnati Zoo was the only Zoo in the U.S. to breed this species successfully until the Denver Zoo hatched a chick last year. Cincinnati has now bred three pairs and produced 12 chicks in cooperation with the Species Survival Plan (SSP). There are currently 22 Steller's eagles in 11 North American instituations.

Chick watch began on April 29 when Aviculture staff noticed the sea eagle parents looking down at their nest more frequently. A chick was first observed on May 3rd and by May 7th it looked to have doubled in size. Their incubation period can last...

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