Light Up Your Bird's Life

Greg Burkett


Have you stopped to look in your pet bird's living area and considered how much bright ligt your bird is getting? Light is often taken for granted and overlooked environmental necessity for maintaining a happy healthy bird.

Psittacine birds (parrots) and other pet birds (henceforth referred to as "birds") do not see well in dim light and prefer to be in bright light. In dim light, these birds are easily startled, recoil, or even bite when being removed from the cage or taken into a dim lit room. In dim light they will also exhibit a decreased appetite and lower activity level.

The decreased ability to see in dim light ia due to having a low number of rods, which are cells in the eye that function to capture small amounts of light, giving the ability to see in low light conditions. In contrast to these birds, owls, whooooo see well in dim light and even darker conditions, have a large number of cones.

The cells in the eye that provide the ability to see color are called rods. Parrots and other birds have many rods, giving them the ability to see colors. These birds....

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