New Records Achieved In The Recovery Of The Philippine Cockatoo

David R. Waugh


Exciting results have just arrived from the Katala Foundation (KFI) in the Philippines about the recovery efforts for the 'Critically Endangered' Philippine Cockatoo. The Loro Parqu Fundacion has been supporting the Philippine Cockatoo Conservation Programme (PCCP) since 1999 and, together with additional supporters Chester Zoo, Beauval nature and ZGAP, is very pleased to see the species making a gradual recovery. The last breeding season results were the best that the PCCP has ever had in the islands of Rasa and Pandanan, off the coast of the main island Palawan. These results are reflected in steep increases of the respective cockatoo populations of those islands; and the two sites now hold around 50% of the world population of the Philippine Cockatoo (under the assumption by KFI of 1,160 birds left in the wild).

On Pandanan (Pandanan and Bugsuk Islands, southern tip of Palawan) at the end of May, 30 fledglings were recorded, which is the highest number from this project site since its beginning. Futhermore, the highest number counted at the Malinsuno root site was attained in July, with 203 individuals, again being the highest number of cockatoos counted there since the start of he project. The recovering cockatoo population in Pandanan shows a similar rate of recovery as the one Rasa in....

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