The Aggressive Behaviour of Parrots, The Consequences and Prevention Models

Slobodan Ivić


Unlike most of other birds, parrots Psittacidae often maifest some sort of aggression. The aggression is forwarded to objects (see figure 1), other birds or man. It is very important to recognize the aggression towards other birds in an enclosure, in order to prevent possible injuries. It is substantial to know what aggressive behavior can be directed to the individual belonging to different bird genus, same bird genus, adn to the birds of the same subspecies as well. Likewise, aggressive behaviour is usual towards the same or opposite sex of the same species, evem towards their own young.

The definition of aggression explains that it is a behavior based on the intention to cause damage; to hurt someone physically or mentally. Hence, these can be predicted or unpredicted emotional reactions of parrots caused by irritation and directed to someone or something.

The aggression of parrots can be...

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