Amazing Turnout for Bird Show at AFA

Julie Corwin


The number of birds entered into the Lory League Bird Show at the AFA Convention in Chicago, was one of the largest number of enteries in parrot division in many years. Exibitors came from many different parts of the country to show their birds. Three of the exhibitors brought large numbers of birds for this show including Fran Anderson of Michigan, Susan Stieve of Ohio, and Vickie Meyer of Montana. Other exhibitors brought birds from Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, as well as exhibitors from Illinois.

Each year Lory LEague hosts a bird show at the AFA convention. The purpose of the show is to bring a different style of education for the attendees and some fun competition for the exhibitors. Co-Sponsors this year were National Finch & Softbill Society and Triangle Bird Club of Beaumount, Texas.

Certified Judges are arranged to pick the best birds in the different divisions in the show, choosing the top 10 birds as winners. Laura Tinker of New York judged....

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