2015 Convention Recap: Annual Educational Conference and Avian Expo

Concetta Ferragamo


The 2015 AFA Annual Educational Conference and Avian Expo was a delightful success, where everyone united with distant friends and made the acquaintance of many new ones. Like minded avian enthusiasts gathered from all over the United States and abroad. It was common to hear people share stories about how they developed some of their most genuine and closest friendships, which started from meeting one another at an AFA convention from long ago. The Chicago convention seemed to keep this dynamic tradition with the meeting of speakers and social media "friends" in perosn.

There was a diverse range in avicultural topics from the 33 presentations for attendees to choose. There were teo off-site tours at historical zoos. One favorite session was the full-group evening session held on Wednesday night, where all attendees were able to participate in the same presentation together. The Wednesday night kick-off featured two interactive workshops presented by Jason...

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