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"California here I come, right back where I started from!" Those lyrics written in 1924 may seem old to you, but to the American Federation of Aviculture (AFA), they are fresh and new. AFA was founded in southern California in 197 4. The very first convention was held in southern California in 1975. We are returning to southern California in 2007 to celebrate our 33rd convention. So, all you people in Los Angeles, come August when you feel the earth quiver, don't worry about a quake. AFA HAS ARRIVED!!

You are invited to join us for a convention to remember. The public is also welcome to attend this exciting event that will feature world renowned speakers on topics such as pet bird care, avian health, captive breeding, conservation and much more. This four-day event also affords everyone the opportunity to network with fellow avian enthusiasts, visit with old friends and meet new ones. Make the most of it and attend all four days.

Have you been to the Los Angeles zoo? That is where we are going immediately after the House of Delegates meeting on Wednesday, August 22. Not only are we going to the zoo, we are also getting a behind the scenes tour. How many people get an opportunity like that? Don't miss a chance to see things that ordinary visitors only wish they could see.

As if that wasn't excitement enough for one day, there is more. After returning from the zoo on Wednesday, there will be a dessert reception from 8:00PM to 1 O:OOPM in the vendor hall. This is being billed as the Bresidential Gala. DThere will be a cash bar, desserts and perhaps some entertainment. Once again, you will have the opportunity to network, meet old friends, make new friends and visit with the many vendors.

The vendor hall will be filled with exhibitors from all over the United States with bird food, bird toys, jewelry, apparel, cages and just about anything bird-related that comes to mind. Affiliated specialty organizations that are devoted to a particular species or group of birds will be holding meetings and sponsoring booths to share information and knowledge about their particular bird of choice. A few of these are The Amazona Society, International Conure Association, The Bird Endowment and National Cockatiel Society. Other affiliated organizations, such as the Aviculture Society of America, will also be there to entice you to become a member and share in a wealth of knowledge.


The AFA store will also be located in the vendor hall and you will be able to buy merchandise from conventions past and merchandise that has been produced especially for this, our 33rd convention. You will find books, t-shirts, polo shirts, ties, artwork and much, much more. Wayne Smyth, the artist for our lovely t-shirts and other items will be on hand to autograph them.

For the folks who like to win things, there is the Super 8 Drawing with prizes ranging from stainless steel cages to a trip to Belize and an original painting by Gamini Ratnavira. In addition, there are ongoing raffles during each day that include avian books, toys, jewelry, artwork and stained glass and watch out for pink flamingos. There is also a Silent Auction that continues from opening day until just before the banquet on Saturday night. There, you will have an opportunity to bid on each item as many times as you wish. Last year one of our favorite items was an autographed copy of John and Pat Stoodley's book, Pionus Parrots. Well, guess what? There will be another one this year. A little birdie has also donated a copy of another of their books, Genus Amazona. This is a great opportunity to expand your library and they are both signed.

The convention culminates Saturday evening, August 25th, with a reception and banquet. The SilentAuction items will be displayed during the reception and bidding will continue until the bid sheets are removed just prior to the banquet. At the banquet there will be a live auction for artwork by Wayne Smyth, giving you another opportunity to support AFA.

The AFA web site, has made on-line registering easier than ever. To qualify for the Early Bird Discount, your registration must be made or postmarked by July 09, 2007. The web site is also the best source for updated information on the convention. As soon as they are available, a list of speakers will be posted along with the schedule. If the web is not an available tool for you, you can get additional information by contacting:

AFA Convention Central

P.O. Box 159

Rossville, TN 38066

901-853-6079 or fax 901-853-8542


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