In Memory of Lynn Hall


He was "a most interesting man" who told stories of his adventures around the world. This is what many people would say about Lynn Hall. An aviculturist, an oilman, a businessman, a gentleman, the rest might add.

Whether or not you have had the opportunity to meet Lynn Hall you have probably heard of him. Lynn was

a long time member of the Avicultural Society of America and a lifetime member of the American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. He was probably best known for his work with exotic pigeons, doves, and even wallabies and the Fennec fox. It was said that Lynn would not hand out a compliment easily, you had to earn it, and he expected the same in return.


Lynn was an aviculturist during a time period when aviculture was done for fun, not necessarily for profit. This was a time when a person was proud of what they have been able to assemble into a collection and for what they might have been successful in breeding. During his life Lynn worked with prestigious zoos and other dedicated aviculturists to learn the secrets to keeping and breeding rare pigeons and doves and other species. Lynn shared his knowledge willingly and quickly became a world renowned expert receiving the Jean Delacour Avicultural Award at the International Symposium on Breeding Birds in Captivity (ISBBC), Toronto, Canada.

No doubt those that seek information on the pigeons and doves of Southeast Asia in the future will come across his name. He leaves behind a legacy of true avicultural research work as he observed and noted so many important things about the very birds he kept and adored. He will be missed by his friends and an industry that is forever in his debt as the contributions of his knowledge live on into the future.