Initiation of the Wayne E. Smyth Award


Wayne has been AF A's official artist/illustrator/fundraiser for nearly 20 years. Wayne was already well known for his avian and wildlife art when AFA tentatively approached him for a recommendation of some young, talented, up-and-coming artist that AFA might be able to afford to do commercial art. His response: "Well, what about me?" That began a long and wonderful relationship.

When you think of Wayne E. Smyth, what words come to mind? Artist of excellence, of course, but what else? Here are a few of the words that came to my mind.

• Honesty

• Integrity

• Ethical

• Unselfish

• Humanitarian

• Conservationist

• Friend

• Loyal

• Apolitical

• Considerate

• Compassionate

• Giving

• Hard-working

• Patient

• Unpretentious/approachable

Wayne has become a foundation or cornerstone of our organization. He elevates AF A to a higher level simply by his presence. We are blessed to have such a special friend and member.

Thinking about this and wanting to show how much we appreciate Wayne, AFA has instituted a special award ... the Wayne E. Smyth Award.

This award will be given only on special occasions when someone goes above and beyond for this organization-exhibiting the special qualities that Wayne himself exhibits. Few will measure up, but from time to time, someone will emerge as worthy. In fact, there is someone in our organization who does measure up in all regards. That person is going to receive the inaugural Wayne E. Smyth Award, presented by Wayne himself. Drum roll please ...

That person, and I think you will all agree is worthy of receiving this award is Mark E. Moore!