2012 AFA Essay Contest Winner


My Bird

By Emma Lopez, APA 2012 Essay Contest winner

My pet bird is a Lovebird named Sunshine. Sunshine loves to play and likes being thrown in the air and caught. Ever since she came

to my house, I have had a lot more friendship. She has made my life a lot better, now I can have company when I am down.

She is called Sunshine because she is a lutino of her batch. She is a spirited bird she is kind she is the best bird you could ever get. She enjoys sitting on your shoulder and likes to talk to you. She is a wonderful singer and copier. She copies my mom's cell phone and sings to me. She also likes to bug me when I'm typing if she's with me. She does great with my family and doesn't attack other birds.

She stands nice and tall and proud. She has a beautiful orange white and yellow tail. It's just so nice to see when she jumps to me. She also does well with kids my family babysits. If I had another chance to pick out a bird, it would have still been Sunshine. Sunshine can be a bad but she is kind when she isn't tired or wants someone to hold her.

 Her mom who took care of her was kind enough to let me choose which bird I wanted. I chose a different one then something happened to that bird so I chose Sunshine. I'm still heartbroken about the first, but I'm glad Sunshine is mine.

If you got the chance to meet her, you would love her like I do. She is just wonderful. I have only lived with her for a little while and I've learned everything about her and I love her. I'm glad I could tell you about her. I hope you enjoyed hearing about her. Bye.