2010 Call for Papers



The American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. (AFA) is a national, nonprofit, educational organization established in 1974 whose purpose is to represent all aspects of aviculture and to educate the public about keeping and breeding birds in captivity.

We invite you to submit a proposal to present a paper at our annual AFA convention. Proposals should be submitted in the form of an abstract, accompanied by a brief biographical sketch identifying the author's experience with the topic to be presented and other relevant information. Please consider submitting multiple abstracts as you may have the opportunity to give more than one presentation.

• Abstracts will be accepted through February 15, 2010. Receipt of abstracts will be acknowledged and applicants will receive timely updates from the Speaker Committee.

• If the abstract is accepted, you will be required to sign a speaker's contract and return the contract promptly. A short bio and a current, high resolution photograph is also required. Speakers will not be officially confirmed without receipt of a signed contract. Speakers are required to submit a paper to be published in the convention proceedings and in Watch bird, the official journal of AFA. Final Papers for the proceedings must be received no later than April 15, 2010, to be included in the convention proceedings.

• AF A will provide a complimentary convention registration package and one banquet ticket to each confirmed speaker. All other arrangements, including guests, transportation and hotel accommodations, are the responsibility of the speaker or the speaker's sponsor.

Abstracts are short summaries of the paper you wish to present and should be no more than 250 words. They must include the name of the author(s), mailing address(es), e-mail and all phone contact information for the author(s). Please include the name of your company, organization, aviary or other affiliations. If there is more than one author, please indicate if one or both will present.

Presentations will typically be SO minutes and may include a brief question-and-answer period. Audiovisual equipment will be made available and will be specified in each contract.

Abstracts, biographies and final papers may be submitted in electronic format to Nancy Speed at nancyspeed@att.net. Please send materials as an e-mail or as an attachment in MS Word and identify as "AFA Convention Abstract."

Abstracts may also be faxed to the AFA office at (512) 858-7029 or mailed to Nancy Speed at P.O. Box 369, Benton, MS 39039. The convention requires non-exclusive publication rights to submitted papers including the publication of Proceedings and publication in Watchbird, the official publication of AFA.

For questions specifically regarding speaker topics and issues, contact Nancy Speed at (662) 673-8100 or by e-mail at nancyspeed@att.net. General information regarding the 2010 convention will be posted to the AFA Web site, www.afabirds.org. AFA requires exclusive publication rights to accepted papers to be included in the Convention Proceedings and Watchbird, the official journal of AFA.

Speaker Chairwoman:

Nancy Speed


Benton, MS 39039

Phone: 662-673-8100 e-mail: nancyspeed@att.net

American Federation of Aviculture, Inc. P.O. Box 91717

Austin, TX 78709-1717 Phone: 512-585-9800 Fax: 512-858-7029

e-mail: afaoffice@earthlink.net


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