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All of the Gold Avy Awards except one were presented at the second annual convention aboard the Queen Mary. The award not presented belonged to Doctor Jean Delacour who was unable to attend the convention. During January 1977, however, Dr. Delacour was in this country and in attendance at the Avicultural Society Installation Dinner. A.F .A. President Lee Horton took this occassion to present Dr. Delacour with the highest award the A.F .A. offers. He received the honor most graciously.

Dr. Delacour has received honors from virtually all the important avicultural and ornithological organizations. For a brief history of this remarkable man, see Ex Libris, this issue.


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Sept. 17, 1977



Marie Earl Olssen was presented with the Gold Avy Award for outstanding achievement in aviculture. Actually she has been working with birds for thirty seven years and says she looks forward to another three decades in aviculture.

During the past twenty five years she has specialized in hand feeding and taming baby parrots - primarily Budgies, Indian Ringnecks, Red-Rumped Parakeets and Cockatiels. This, of course, requires infinite patience and dedication.

Marie Earl Olssen is currently writing a book titled "Hookbills I Have Known" with a foreword by Dr. Jean Delacour. Dedicated aviculturists such as Marie Earl Olssen are the backbone of the bird fancy and a deserving recipient of the Avy Award.


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