Raffle Winners - 1978.



The 1978 National Raffle Chairman, Joe de Aguiar, has expressed his sincere thanks to all who donated prizes, purchased tickets, and lend support in any way to the success of I the 1978 AF A Raffle recently held at the Convention.




Chris Rowley  '78 Chevrolet Chevette   A.F.A.

Shirley Olfs pr. Umbrella Cockatoos    Harold Yanik

Bob Austin       African Grey Parrot           Frank Miser

Darla Walker pr. Golden Mantle Rosellas Gene Hall

Virginia Smith pr. Cinnamon Cockatiels Tom Squyres

J. Zey pr. Cinnamon Cockatiels Nancy Reed

Barry Adler pr. Turquoisine Parrakeets Mark Runnals

Jim Heinen pr. Red Rump Parrakeets Jerry Jennings

Harold & Helen Hanson pr. Bourke Parrakeets Ralph Smith

Milo Garner pr. African Ringneck Parrakeets Stan Dumke

Joseph Idings pr. Pied Cockatiels Steve & Sharon Clause

Jack Schultz Blue Fronted Amazon Charles Terris Aviaries

David Hilberg pr. Mutation Love Birds Richard Mattice

R.C. Mealey pr. Blue Peach Face Love Birds Dr. Richard Baer

Buz Neely pr. Blue Masked Love Birds James Campolo

Pam Laddy pr. Fischer's Love Birds Clifton Witt

Cheron Wise pr. Pearl Cockatiels Mrs. Mike Simmons

Dale Thompson pr. Normal Cockatiels Joe Lannon

Charles Noble pr. Normal Cockatiels Henry Dryman

Al Valenzuela Portable Aviary Firtile Fingers

Frank Miser pr. Gloster Canaries Janice Pritchard

David Hilberg pr. Peach Face Love Birds Harold Brown

Mike Fisher pr. Mutation Love Birds Agapornis Acres

Patrick Joy pr. Mandarin Ducks Mickey Ollson

Jane Kennedy pr. Bokhara Pigeons Michael Curtis

Dr. Raymond Jerome pr. Extra Fancy Tumbler Pigeons Michael Curtis

William Kwist Book, Finches & Softbills Don Thomas

Clyde McFall pr. Bourke Parrakeets Jim Smith

Richard Barker pr. Cape Doves Moe Ratliff

Richard Mattice I yr. Subscription, Watchbird Joe de Aguiar

Jody Laurence Check for $1 ,000.00 A.F.A.


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