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T he conure is one of the largest families of psittacines, second only to the lory and lorikeet family. The name is derived from Conurus, an incorrect term previously used to identify this family of hookbills. Conures, in general, are small to medium sized, with long wedge tails in proportion to their broad large bills, and naked periopthalmic (eye) rings. They inhabit a large range of territories from the southern tip of South America to the northern regions of Central America.

The Carolina Parakeet Conuropsis carolinensis (closely related to the Aratinga genus) inhabited the south eastern region of the United States.

The entire conure family is made up of eight different genera. They include:

Aratinga (19 species) Nandayus (1 species) Leptosittaca (1 species) Ognorhynchus (1 species) Conuropsis (1 species - extinct) Cyanoliseus (T species) Pyrrhura (18 species) Enicognathus (2 species)

The majority of the conure species can be found in aviculture. Most of those are available and readily breed in the United States. These species are great avicultural subjects as well as pet birds. Although they have the reputation of being somewhat loud, their endearing personalities keep them as popular as ever with the pet-owning public as well as with the breeder.

During the August 1997 American Federation of Aviculture National Convention in San Antonio TX, a group of devoted conure breeders and owners met to form the International Conure Association under the cooperative efforts of Sandi Brennan and Brent Andrus.

The purpose of International Conure Association (ICA) is to promote the keeping and breeding of conures by educating people on the needs of Conures in the home and the aviary. ICA will be publishing a quarterly newsletter dealing with both the pet care and breeding husbandry of all conures.

The Association will also begin working on record keeping, tracking and stud books for the less common conures. A survey is being conducted on the number of species currently held in captivity and currently producing offspring. This survey can be done anonymously and ICA encourages any and all owners of conures to participate so that we may better serve conures in captivity.

The following officers were elected and will serve in the capacities indicated.


Sandi Brennan, Albuquerque, NM


Jerry Mccawley, Phoenix, AZ

Corresponding Secretary:

Teri Bilbe, Corpus Christ, TX

Recording Secretary:

Brent Wilson, San Antonio, TX


Brent Andrus, Las Vegas, NV

Newsletter Editor:

Brent Andrus, Las Vegas, NV

For more information on ICA and the Conure Survey please feel free to call , or write to:

International Conure Association,

P.O. Box 60053, Corpus Christi, TX 78466

Telephone 505 281-7729, 210-650-5806, or 702- 732-1281



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