AFA Research Repon ... Parrot Stress in Captivity Studied



Kevin Patron, M.S., a member of the biology department at St. Mary's College at O'Fallon, Missouri and a senior research associate at Raptor Rehabilitation and Propagation Project at Eureka, Mo., has been awarded a research grant from the American Federation of Aviculture for the scientific study of stress related tO captivity in parrots.

Patton's study will focus on heart rate as an indicator of stress during handling, cage cleaning, and other routine maintenance tasks. The possible benefits of the study include discovering strategies for reducing stress in captive endangered species, thus increasing the likelihood of successful breeding.

Mr. Patton stated, '' Breeders of endangered parrot species are like modern day Noahs, they are charged with maintaining breeding populations as the animals' habitats are destroyed. I feel that my work will help aviculturisrs reduce stress in their birds, thus promoting captive propagation. It is our duty, as responsible stewards, to make life as comfortable for captive wild animals as possible. I believe that this project will uncover methods of doing just that."

The American Federation of Avicult ure awarded 512,000 this year in exotic bird research at their annual convention held in San Francisco, California. An additional 53,000 grant is pending and may be awarded in November. AFA has a worldwide membership that promotes conservation of bird wildlife through captive breeding programs, education and scientific research... 

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