Photo Contest Winners - 1985



Black and White Print Category

1) Ring-billed Gull in flight

G. (Skip)F Madsen,Jr., Woodland Hills, CA

Honorable Mention

African Crowned Crane

Linda Sanders, Baton Rouge, LA Cockatoo

Madelaine G. ConbOJI, Ann Arbor; MI

Color Slide Category

1) Paradise Tanager

Dale Thompson, Canyon Country, CA

2) Andean Flamingos

Line Farr, Philadelphia, PA

2) Little Corella Cockatoos 45, 47 days old

Ulf Roblin and Monica Rosenlund, Taby, Sweden

3) Regent Bowerbird Craig Mole, Vallejo, CA

3) Little Corella Cockatoo, new hatch Ulf Roblin and Monica Rosenlund, Taby, Sweden

Honorable Mention

Rap tor

Colleen Summerfield, Monterey Park, CA

Color Print Category (adult birds)

1) African Crowned Crane

Linda K. Sanders, Baton Rouge, LA

 2) Half Moon Conure

Thomas]. Leahy, Chicago, IL

3) Cassowary

Tim Scbexnaydre, Convent, LA

Honorable mentions

Black Swans

Julia K. Nagel, Kenner; LA Yellow Naped Amazon

Line Farr, Philadelphia, PA Tragopan Pheasant

Dale Thompson, Canyon Country, CA


Mary Watkins, Cocoa Beach, FL Cockatoo

Tim Scbexnaydre, Convent, LA Cockatoo

MaryEllenKolsky, Hallandale, FL Yellow Naped Amazon

Michael Thielle, Closter, NJ African Grey parrot

Paul J. Spohn, Mayfield Hts, OH


Color Print Category (babies, youngsters, adults)

1) Kookaburra feeding young Dale Thompson, Canyon Country, CA

2) Hyacinth macaw with new hatch ling

John Hollingshead, Tarzana, CA

3) Red fronted macaws

Cindy Holtingsbead, Tarzana, CA

Honorable Mention

Cockatiel babies

Sharon Unterreiner, Abilene, TX



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