Avy Award Winners - 1985



U.S. First Breeding Awards Brown-headed parrot

Fred and Robbie Harris Red-faced lovebird

Wayne and Charlotte Offerman D'arnaud's barbet

Lawrence and Clarissa Cook White-collared mynah

Lindsay Clack

African grey hornbill

Lindsay Clack Chestnut-bellied starling Lindsay Clack

Weber's lory

JanR. van Ooosten Bill de la Mare Red-billed toucan Jerry Jennings Spot-billed toucanet Jerry Jennings Red-bellied macaw

Rayburn and Norene Smith Black-bellied fire finch Riverbanks Zoological Park Bar-breasted fire finch

John and Kristin Round Bronze-winged pionus

Stan and Fay Carpenter John Roberts

Blue-eyed cockatoo

Gloria Allen

Hooded pitta

Philadelphia Zoo/Larry Shelton Orange-bellied euphonia Philadelphia Zoo/Larry Shelton

Caninde macaw Kevin Clubb Scott Riviere Fred Cubbedge

Muller's parrot KayK.Muser M.D.Moll

Silver Avy Awards

Category III - for most progress with color mutations and pied Indian ringnecks

Jaynee Salan

Category I - for species establishment of the Pacific parrotlet

Jack and Connie Brooks

Category IV - for show standards Carter Atwood


Zoo Category

Category I - for establishing captive bred penguins

Sea World, Frank Todd,

Scott Drieschman, Frank Tuioby Category II - most progress with an individual species using good management techniques for Emperor penguins

Sea World, Frank Todd,

Scott Drieschman, Frank Twohy

Avy Appreciation Awards (for outstanding contribution and leadership)

Glen Gibson, National Cockatiel Society

Charlie and Lorene Shepard, Arizona Avicultural Society/ Arizona Budgerigar Society Charles E. Clift,

Central Alabama Avicultural Society

Gold Award

(once in a lifetime for outstanding contribution to aviculture)

Frank Todd, California Game

Breeders Association

Watchbird Awards

(fine articles with photo support, 1984)

DebraArgel, "From Antarctica to San Diego by Egg''

Ramon P. Noegel, "First Captive Breeding of the Dusky Pion us"

Bronze Avy Awards

Phyllis K. Martin

For Outstanding Service as Chairman of the 1984 National Convention

Joe McLaughlin

For Outstanding Service as Chairman of Membership Promotion

Gary Lilienthal

For Outstanding Service as Legal Counsel

Darel Cavender

For Outstanding Service as Chairman of Speakers' Committee


Certificates of Appreciation Walter Willoughby

In appreciation of his efforts as State Coordinator of Connecticut in preventing the passage of legislation inimical to aviculture.

Central Alabama Aviculture Society In appreciation of their generosity and continued support of A. F.A. and its programs.

Dick Schroeder

In appreciation of his efforts as State Coordinator in promoting A.FA. and disseminating useful information to bird owners.

President's Award Gary Lilienthal

Phyllis Martin Membership Promotion Award

Bill Wilson


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