Palm Cockatoo Registration



The first Regional Studbook for Palm Cockatoo, Probosciger atterimus, will be published and issued during the fall of 1985. Studbook cards are being mailed out now. If you have not been previously contacted and you are now holding Palm Cockatoos in your collection, please contact: Ronald A. Young, Studbook Keeper, Palm Cockatoo, Greater Baton Rouge Zoo, P.O. Box 60, Baker, LA 70704, phone 504/775-3877.

Some successful reproduction is now taking place in the private sector. It is important, therefore, that we identify and register as many of the birds now residing in the country in an effort to keep parentage information clean for the future of the species.

It is advisable that you identify your birds in some way. Tattooing under the wing is permanent. There are also good leg rings on the market made of stainless steel that can be custom stamped. Please contact me for more information.


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