Nestmates Anonymous



This service is to match unmated birds, to bring joy to forlorn single birds and their discouraged owners, and to broaden the gene pool in needy species.

To list a bird give as much of the following as you can: English name or names by which it is known, Latin name and sex; your name, address and phone number; one dollar for up to four birds.

To answer a listing send a separate letter for each bird sought (each one goes to a different source), including · your name, address and phone number; enclose a dollar for each bird sought (to cover mailing your response).

Address all communications to Ms.

Cathy Grosse, 3120 Epworth Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211. Do not write to the Watchbird!


Female scarlet macaw, Ara macao Female grey-cheeked parakeet, Brotogeris pyrrhopterus

Male Timneh grey parrot, Psittacus erithacus timneh

Male great-billed parrot, Tanygnathus megalorhynchosmegalorhynchos Male severe macaw, Ara severa

Male caninde macaw, Ara canindae also known as blue-throated macaw, Ara gtacogularis •


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