Write Right

Sheldon Dingle


Many inquiries have come in regarding writing articles for publication in the Watchbird. It is not a difficult thing to do, really, and we'll give you all the help you need to share your avicultural knowledge.

If you want to write about a breeding success you should request from the Home Office a "Breeding History Questionnaire." When you answer the questions the article almost writes itself.

Other sorts of articles are equally welcome but you'll have to organize them on an individual basis. There are, however, several mechanical factors that apply to all articles.

1. Manuscripts must be typed and double spaced.

2. Include your name, address, and phone number.

3. Include all the photos you can (slides are best, color or black and white prints are good also).

4. Each photo should be numbered and captioned. The name of the


photographer should be noted.

5. Keep a copy of the manuscript and mail the original and the photos to the Home Office. Mark the envelope attention Sheldon Dingle.

All we ask is that Watchbird be given first publication rights. It is unfair to mail a manuscript to five magazines simultaneously-four of them will wind up publishing reprints. When we receive your material we will return it if it is unsuitable or we'll send a note of acceptance. Upon publication we'll send you a check at the prevailing rate and we'll return your photos as soon as possible.

Aviculture is growing rapidly as an avocation or vocation. Many people are new and inexperienced and really need the help of the older, more experienced bird breeders and dealers. The A.F.A. Watchbird is committed to disseminating accurate avicultural knowledge but it is up to you to share your experience. Remember-you don't have to be a pro-we'll make you look good.


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