Photo Contest Winners



On Saturday morning, August 8th, seven judges studied and stewed over a room full of beautiful photos and slides. All were entries in the recent 1981 Watchbird Photo Contest. The prints were displayed in the main commercial exhibit hall throughout AFA's 7th Annual Convention. The winners of the slide category were shown at the Saturday evening banquet. The only shortage of entries fell in the black and white category, where too few were present to make a fair selection.

This year's entries were judged not only for their clarity of subject, composition, and artistic execution, but also for the rarity and or difficulty of working with a particular species. Since there were more ''winners'' than "winning positions," the Watchbird staff selected additional photos to be held and printed in future Watchbirds as circumstances permit.

 The judges were: Sue Dingle, Don Wells, Larry McPhail, ] ean Hessler, Nancy Vig ran, Bill Mackey, and Helen Willett. Confronted with a great host of potential winners, they debated for two hours with wide and varied opinions. Finally the results were narrowed down to the list below. Our congratulations to the winners, and a special thanks to all who took the time to enter! You put on a fine show!


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