As the old saying goes, "It never rains but it pours!"

D Randolf Colby


The day after being informed by a phone call from Dr. Baer that I had been named State Coordinator, Public Hearings commenced on a proposal to require birds coming into Hawaii to be quarantined for a period of thirty days, and, that persons importing the birds would be required to post a bond in the amount of ten thousand dollars against any of the birds becoming ill. All of us involved with exotic birds were stricken with panic. For many, it meant the beginning of the end of their small businesses; for all, it meant added costs and delays.

Friends at the three major networks gave us great television coverage as we met at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Waikiki charting our defense, and again before the hearing as we demonstrated on the lawns of the Department of Agriculture. They also were right there at the hearing.

The hearing proved to be inconclusive. All that I learned from it was the deep animosities each group harboured against the other. The Poultry Association had even gone so far as to hire their own attorney, determined to prevent those persons involved with exotics from "putting them out of business with their VVND." All in all, it was little more than a shouting match. The results were that yet another hearing had to be called.

Arriving early on the date of the next hearing, I was able to talk directly to people from the poultry industry as well as other segments of aviculture. All agreed that we had a real problem, mostly from misunderstanding. When I proposed that we form a federation of persons representing all forms of aviculrure, and that we pull together to solve our


common problems, I was awed at the enthusiastic response from all!

Today in our beautiful Aloha State stands a brand new board-The Hawaiian Federation of Aviculrure. A member of the American Federation of Aviculrure, it consists of the following:

The Chairman, Dr. Nagao, Animal Industry Division, State of Hawaii Departmenr of Agriculture; The Secretary, Dr. Miyahara, Cooperative Extension Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture; Legal, Leo Young, Office of the Attorney General, State Capitol, Honolulu; State Coordinator, D. Randolf Colby, American Federation of Aviculrure; American Racing Pigeons, Charles Weaver; Budgie Fanciers of Hawaii, Scott Smith; American Cockariel Society, Roxanne Sullivan; Honolulu Canary and Finch, Joe Travaso; Gamecocks, Oliver Kapau; Egg Producers of Hawaii, Hube Burtner; Broilers and Chicken Growers, Don Takaki; Pet Store Owners, Jiro Matsui; Exotic Breeders, Tay Uyeda; Game Birds, Tom Mendes; U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Dr. David Gilhooly; Honolulu Zoo, Dr. Calvin Lum.

We stand ready to serve in an advisory capacity, the Governor, the Lt. Governor, the Attorney General, and the Chairman of the Board of Agriculture, with any problem they may assign to us. The first is guidelines for preventing the introduction of VVND into our state.

I'm sure that all problems assigned us will be difficult but with the deep sense of fraternity and our now-shared mutual goals, Aviculrure in Hawaii will be far more gratifying.

D. Randolf Colby

State Coordinator, Hawaii


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