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Texas Water Events calendar


The Texas Water Journal is continually updating its Texas Water Events calendar. We post notices of meetings of river authorities, groundwater conservation districs and other governmental and nongovernmental water organizations.

If you have a meeting you would like added to the calendar, contact Editor-in-Chief Todd Votteler at:

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Volume 6, Number 1 2015


We  will be publishing additional articles in Volume 6, Number 1 in the coming weeks.

See Table of Contents.

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New issue published: Volume 6, Number 1


We  will be publishing additional articles in Volume 6, Number 1 in the coming weeks.

See Table of Contents.

Watch a video abstract of "Who Regulates It? Water Policy and Hydraulic Fracturing in Texas," paper published.

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Texas Water Journal Forum


The Texas Water Journal periodically hosts water forums throughout Texas. The forums provide perspectives from policy makers, scientists, water resource experts and regional leaders on how we can meet our water needs while experiencing droughts and rising demands. Join us as we explore together the complexity and challenges in providing water for Texans in this century. Each session is free and open to the public.

Third Texas Water Journal Forum, January 2015

Second Texas Water Journal Forum, April 2014

First Texas Water Journal Forum, November 2013
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Calendar: Third Texas Water Journal Forum


TWJ held its third forum Jan. 20, 2015 on the campus of Texas State University in San Marcos on the History of the Edwards Aquifer dispute.

For more information, see the flyer and the agenda.

Video of the entire day is here.

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Published Author Bios

Short bios of published Texas Water Journal authors are now online under "About." If you are a published author in the journal and would like your bio posted on the website, please send the bio and a photo to  
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2nd Texas Water Journal Forum


Video of 2nd Texas Water Journal forum.

The Texas Water Journal moderated a second Texas Water Journal Forum on water conservation April 22 in Austin to celebrate Earth Day.

The forum was held from 6-7:30 p.m. in Room JBG 2.218 of Jackson Geological Sciences Building at the University of Texas. The university’s Campus Environmental Center, a student organization, coordinated the forum.

Forum panelists included Dr. Ken Kramer, volunteer water resources chair and legislative advisor for the Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club; Nora Mullarkey, water conservation supervisor at the Lower Colorado River Authority; Dr. Kevin Wagner, associate director of the Texas Water Resources Institute; and Raymond Slade, a certified professional hydrologist.

Download Forum Flyer.

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Errata: Errata for Texas Water Journal Papers


Corrections for identified mistakes in already published papers in the journal.

Errata for Volume 4, Number 2

Errata for Volume 2, Number 1

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Drought Preparedness Council Situation Report October 2013

Read the Drought Preparedness Council's Situation Report for October 2013. These reports are issued by the Texas Division of Emergency Management.  
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Texas Water Journal Forum: Water, Politics & Drought

Water, Politics & Drought: The Proposition 6 vote, a way-too-early look at the next legislative session, how courts are remaking Texas water policy, and the ongoing drought
Thursday, November 21, 2013, 7 p.m. Not able to attend? You can watch it online here.

Hosted by The University of Texas at Austin Environmental Sciences Institute
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Drought Preparedness Council Situation Report August 2013

Read the Drought Preparedness Council's Situation Report for  August 2013. These reports are issued by the Texas Division of Emergency Management.  
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Errata: Errata for Vol. 2, Number 1, 2011 paper


A correction in a citation was made for "Hydrologic Connectivity in the Edwards Aquifer between San Marcos Springs and Barton Springs during 2009 Drought Conditions." Larry F. Land, P.E., Brian B. Hunt, P.G., Brian A. Smith, Ph.D., P.G., Paula Jo Lemonds, P.G., P.E.

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Registering for the Journal

You can register with the Texas Water Journal as a Reader, Reviewer, or Author. Updates about the journal, including new issue releases, are sent to registered Readers. Registered Reviewers are logged into the journal as potential peer reviewers for submitted articles, and registered Authors may submit articles for review.  
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Support the Texas Water Journal


The Texas Water Journal is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The Texas Water Journal is governed by a voluntary board of directors.

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Texas Water Links

Websites about Texas water.  
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