Getting Connected

Alyssa Giles


The purpose of the current study was to explore the effects that gain versus loss framed messaging had on individuals decision making. We gain framed content of Angelo State Universitys newspaper by wording it in a way that portrayed potential benefits that could be gained from reading the newspaper and we loss framed the content by wording it in a way that portrayed potential losses from not reading the newspaper. We also included a control in which participants received a single sentence informing them that ASU had a newspaper that was written by students. We tested the effects of the framed messaging by handing out a questionnaire to each group that measured the likelihood that they would read the newspaper in the future. We hypothesized that individuals who were given the gain framed content would be more likely to read the paper in the future than individuals who were given the loss framed content. We conducted an Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) to measure the effect of message framing. Our results did not support our hypothesis. The gain framed message had no effect on the likelihood of participants reading the Ram Page in the future. Possible explanations and future directions are discussed.

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