Social Situations and Their Influence on Bullying

Shyann A Rainey


This study investigated helping behavior in response to bullying. We hypothesized that individuals would be more likely to help someone being bullied in a face-to-face situation rather than a cyberbullying situation. To conduct this study we used two scenarios, each followed by a questionnaire asking about the participants’ feelings towards the situation and what action they would take, if any. We included visual images that illustrated each scenario in hopes that the images would lead the participants to feel more emotionally involved in the situation. Consistent with our prediction, we found a significant difference between bullying situation; people reported a greater likelihood of helping the victim in the face-to-face bullying situation compared to the cyberbullying situation. Future research should be conducted on these types of bullying situations to help improve our understanding of why and when individuals decide to help in bullying situations.

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