Submit your Cases for the 2022 Southeast Case Research Association Conference (SECRA)


The 2022 SECRA President, Kenny Embry, and 2022 SECRA Program Chair, Marko Horn, would like to announce that cases for the 2022 Conference will use the Southeast Case Research Journal Website for submissions and reviewing.

-Please see the SECRA website ( for conference information and instructions for formatting cases for the conference.

-When submitting your case for the conference, be sure to select the "SECRA Conference Submission - 2022" section. All other sections are for Journal submissions. Cases accepted for presentation at the conference will be published in the Conference Proceedings.

-Conference authors and reviewers should register and create a user profile in the TDL/OJS as soon as is convenient at: For full access to the Journal Website, please update your user roles to include reader, author, and reviewer.