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Focus and Scope

The Public-Access Computer Systems Review was the first open access journal in the field of library and information science. It covered issues such as digital libraries, electronic publishing, the Internet, and online catalogs.


Section Policies

Journal content

This journal is closed and no longer accepting submissions.

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PACS Review Editorial Staff

The following individuals served as PACS Review editors:


Charles W. Bailey, Jr.(1989-1996)
Pat Ensor (1997-2000)
Thomas C. Wilson (1997-2000)

Associate Editors:

Leslie Dillon (1990)
Leslie Dillon, Columns (1991-1997) Elizabeth A. Dupuis, Columns (1997-2000)
John E. Fadell, Copy Editor (1998-2000) Andrea Bean Hough, Communications
Mike Ridley (1989-1990)
Mike Ridley, Reviews (1991)
Dana Rooks, Communications (1991-1997)
Robert Spragg, Technical Support
Roy Tennant, Reviews (1992-1993)
Ann Thornton, Production (1995-2000)

The following individuals served on the PACS Review Editorial Board:

Ralph Alberico (1992-2000)
George H. Brett II (1992-2000)
Priscilla Caplan (1994-2000)
Steve Cisler (1992-2000)
Walt Crawford (1989-2000)
Lorcan Dempsey (1992-2000)
Pat Ensor (1994-1996)
Nancy Evans (1989-2000)
Stephen Harter (1997-2000)
Charles Hildreth (1992-2000)
Ronald Larsen (1992-2000)
Clifford Lynch (1992-2000)
David R. McDonald (1989-2000)
R. Bruce Miller (1989-2000)
Ann Okerson (1997-2000)
Paul Evan Peters (1989-1996)
Mike Ridley (1992-2000)
Peggy Seiden (1995-2000)
Peter Stone (1989-2000)
John E. Ulmschneider (1992-2000)