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Mabe, Michael R., Chesterfield County Public Library (United States)
MacNeil, Rod, University of Pennsylvania (United States)
Majors, Rice, University of Colorado Boulder (United States)
Maness, Jack M., University of Colorado Boulder (United States)
Marek, Kate, Dominican University (United States)
Marie, Kirsten L., Washington High School, Fremont, CA (United States)
Markgren, Susanne, SUNY, Purchase (United States)
Martin, Lisa, University of Houston (United States)
Matteson, Miriam, University of Maryland (United States)
Matthews, Joseph R. (United States)
McCain, Cheryl, University of Oklahoma (United States)
McCaslin, Sharon, Fontbonne University (United States)
McCurley, Henry, Auburn University (United States)
McGowan, Beth Ann, Northern Illinois University (United States)
McGuigan, Glenn S., Penn State Harrisburg (United States)
McGuire, Lisa A., Health Sciences Libraries, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (United States)
McKay, Richard, San Jacinto College south campus library (United States)
McKay, Richard, San Jacinto College (United States)
McKinnon, Dawn, McGill University (Canada)
Merrill, Alex N., Washington State University (United States)
Mierke, Jill, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)
Miller, Dana M, University of Nevada, Reno (United States)
Miller, Kevin C., Pepperdine University (United States)
Millsap, Gina, Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library (United States)
Mitchell, W. Bede, Georgia Southern University (United States)
Moniz, Richard, Johnson & Wales University - Charlotte Campus (United States)
Moniz, Richard J., Johnson and Wales University (United States)
Moniz, Jr., Richard J., Johnson and Wales University (United States)
Moran, Jr., Robert F. (United States)
Morris, Dilys E., Chronos Group, Inc. (United States)
Mosley, Pixey Anne
Mosley, Pixey, University of Maryland (United States)
Mosley, Pixey Anne, Texas A&M University (United States)
Mosley, Pixey Anne, University of Maryland (United States)
Mugridge, Rebecca, Pennsylvania State University (United States)
Muir, Scott P., Rowan University (United States)
Muir, Scott, Arizona State University (United States)
Munster, Irene, The Universities at Shady Grove (United States)
Murray, Adam, Murray State University (United States)
Murray-Rust, Catherine, Colorado State University (United States)
Murych, Jitka M., Northern Illinois University, DeKalb (United States)

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