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Gallin-Parisi, Alexandra, Trinity University (United States)
Gauder, Heidi, University of Dayton (United States)
Geary, Carol Anne, Mechanicville (NY) District Public Library (United States)
George-Williams, Sylvia, Southern Methodist University Libraries (United States)
Gerlich, Bella Karr, Dominican University (United States)
Germano, Michael, California State University, Los Angeles (United States)
Gibbons, Judith, Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives (United States)
Goetsch, Lori A., Kansas State University (United States)
Goldberg, Tyler, University of Louisville (United States)
Golden, Janine, Texas Woman's University (United States)
Golden, Janine, Texas Women's University (United States)
Gonzalez, Adriana
Gonzalez, Adriana, Kansas State University (United States)
Gonzalez, Lius J., Hunter College (United States)
Gorelick, Gerry, Gerald Gorelick & Associates, Inc (United States)
Gotsch, Joyce R., Dowling College (United States)
Gray, Brian C., Case Western University (United States)
Green, Ravonne, Valdosta State University (United States)
Greenfield, Deana, National Louis University (United States)
Guo, Jiansheng, California State University, East Bay

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