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Pearson, Peter D., Friends of the St. Paul Public Library (United States)
Pelayo-Lozada, Lessa Kanani’opua, Palos Verdes Library District (United States)
Perez, Dr. Geraldine, Seminole State College of Florida (United States)
Peters, Anne, University of Texas at San Antonio (United States)
Petrusa, Josh, Butler University (United States)
Pinkley, Janet, California State University, Channel Islands
Poggiali, Jennifer, Lehman College, City University of New York (United States)
Polger, Mark Aaron, City University of New York (United States)
Popma, Paula J., California State University, Fresno (United States)
Porter, Brandi, Mount Aloysius College (United States)
Price, Carol, Usborne Books (United States)
Priestly, Beatrice, Long Branch Public Library (United States)
Promis, Patricia, University of Arizona (United States)
Psyck, Elizabeth, Grand Valley State University


Raab, Christopher, Franklin & Marshall College (United States)
Ranger, Kim, Grand Valley State University
Raphael, Molly, Multnomah County Library (United States)
Record, Aloha, San Jose State University (United States)
Reese, Garth D., Morgan Library and Museum (United States)
Renaud, Robert E., Dickinson College (United States)
Resnick, Taryn, Texas A&M University (United States)
Reuland, Fred, American Library Association (United States)
Rich, Melissa, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (United States)
Riddle, John, Pennsylvania State University, Fayette (United States)
Riehle, Catherine Fraser, Columbus Metropolitan LibrarY (United States)
Robbins, Sarah, University of Oklahoma (United States)
Romanosky, Neil, New York University NYU Langone Medical Center
Rosenblum, Lisa, Hayward Public Library (United States)
Rosener, Ashley, Grand Valley State University (United States)
Rowe, Jennifer


Sannwald, William W., San Diego Public Library (United States)
Sapp, Gregg, Evergreen State College (United States)
Sapp, Gregg, SUNY Albany (United States)
Sarjeant-Jenkins, Rachel
Scalf, Heather, University of Texas at Arlington Libraries (United States)
Scheuler, Steven Andrew, Valdosta State University (United States)
Schneider, K.G., University of Maryland (United States)
Schoonover, Dan, Florida State University Libraries (United States)
Schottlaender, Brian E . C.
Seago, Brenda L., Georgia Regents University (United States)
Seale, Colleen, University of Florida, Gainesville (United States)
Severson, Richard J., National College of Natural Medicine (United States)
Shoaf, Eric C., Brown University (United States)
Shoaf, Eric C., University of Texas at San Antonio (United States)
Shoaf, Eric C., Clemson University
Shorey, Denise M., Northwestern University (United States)
Short, Brent, Saint Leo University (United States)
Shrauger, Kristine, University of Central Florida Libraries (United States)
Shupe, Della, Northwestern Health Sciences University (retired) (United States)
Simmons-Welburn, Janice, Marquette University (United States)
Simmons-Welburn, Janice, University of Arizona (United States)
Simons, Marcy, Ball State University (United States)
Simpson, Betsy, University of Florida (United States)
Singh, Rajesh, University of British Columbia (United States)
Snavely, Loanne, Penn State University Libraries (United States)
Snyder, Carolyn A., Southern Illinois University (United States)
Snyder, Lori, Liberty University (United States)
Soehner, Catherine B, University of Utah (United States)
Spears, John (United States)
Spindler, Tim, Roger Williams University (United States)
Staines, Gail M., Saint Louis University (United States)
Staninger, Steven W., University of San Diego (United States)
Stanley, Mary J., Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) University (United States)
Steel, Virginia (United States)
Steely, Jeff
Steely, Jeff, Baylor University
Stello, Noelle, National College of Natural Medicine (United States)
Stephan, Elizabeth, Western Washington University (United States)
Stewart, Christopher, Graduate School of Library and Information Science, Dominican University (United States)
Stockham, Marcia G, Kansas State University (United States)
Sweeney, Richard T., New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark (United States)
Sweeper, Darren, Seton Hall University (United States)


Tanner, Simon, King's College London (United Kingdom)
Tapper, Janet, University of Western States (United States)
Tedone, Diana (United States)
Teliha, James K.
Theodore-Shusta, Eileen
Thomas, Mary Augusta, Smithsonian Institution (United States)
Thompson, Molly, Sam Houston State University
Todaro, Julie, Austin Community College (United States)

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