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Haycock, Ken
Heck, Jeffrey J., Georgia Regents University (United States)
Henry, Elizabeth, Saint Leo University
Hernon, Peter, Simmons College (United States)
Herold, Irene M. H., Keene State College (United States)
Hillyard, Cinnamon, University of Washington, Bothell (United States)
Hodge, Megan, Chesterfield County Public Libraries (United States)
Hoelscher, Colleen, University of Dayton (United States)
Hoenke, Justin (United States)
Hoffman, Lynn, University of Maryland, LL&M Editor 2016-2018
Holderman, Sharon
Holmes, Ramona, University of North Texas Health Science Center Gibson D. Lewis Health Science Library (United States)
Horava, Tony, University of Ottawa (Canada)
Hornby, Amanda, University of Washington
Horny, Karen, Missouri State University (United States)
Horowitz, Lisa R., Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)
Horowitz, Lisa R.
Houk, Amy Harris, University of North Carolina, Greensboro (United States)
Hughes, Cynthia, University of Wyoming (United States)


Ippoliti, Cinthya, Oklahoma State University Library
Iverson, Marsha, King County Library System (United States)
Ivins, Tammy Elizabeth, University of North Carolina Wilmington (United States)


Jackson, Michael, Brown University (United States)
Jacobsen, Lynne A., Pepperdine University (United States)
Jaguszewski, Janice, Health Sciences Libraries, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (United States)
Jatkevicius, James, Boise Public Library (United States)
Jatkevicius, Jim, Boise Public Library (United States)
Johnson, Lynn F., University of Texas at Arlington Libraries (United States)
Juricek, John Eric, University of Southern California (United States)


Kaspar, Wendi Arant, Texas A&M University (United States)
Katapol, Paticia F., University of Iowa (United States)
Katopol, Diane
Katopol, Patricia F.
Katopol, Patricia F., University of Iowa (United States)
Katopol, Patricia (United States)
Katopol, Patricia F., University of Iowa
Katopol, Patricia, University of Maryland (United States)
Katopol, Patricia, University of Iowa
Katopol, Patricia F., University of Maryland, LL&M Editor 2016-2018
Katopol, Patricia
Kaufmann, Karen F., Seminole State College of Florida (United States)
Kautzman, Amy, University of California, Davis (United States)
Keach, Jennifer A., James Madison University (United States)
Keenan, Teressa, The University of Montana (United States)
Kelly, Katy, University of Dayton (United States)
Kemp, Jan, University of Texas at San Antonio (United States)
Kennedy, Gai, University of Kentucky (United States)
Kennedy, Gail, University of Kentucky (United States)
Kim, Hak Joon, Southern Connecticut State University (United States)
Kim, Taeock, Santa Clara University (United States)
King, Nathaniel, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Kinman, Virginia, Longwood University (United States)
Kinsley, Kirsten, Florida State University Libraries (United States)
Klare, Diane, Wesleyan University (United States)
Klimczyk, Linda, Penn State University Libraries (United States)
Knapp, Jeffrey A., Penn State University Libraries (United States)
Knight, Cecilia, Grinnell College
Kocevar-Weidinger, Elizabeth, Longwood University (United States)
Kowalski, Meghan, The Catholic University of America (United States)
Kusik, James P., Saint Xavier University (United States)


Lackney, Jeffrey A., University of Wisconsin, Madison (United States)
Ladwig, J. Parker, University of Notre Dame (United States)
Landry Mueller, Kat, Sam Houston State University
Laskowski, Mary S., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Laspley, Andrea, Colorado State University (United States)
Le, Binh, Pennsylvania State University, Abington (United States)
Leaf, Brian, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (United States)
Lee, Deborah, Mississippi State University (United States)
Lee, Marta, Regent University (United States)
Leonard, Anne, New York City College of Technology (United States)
Leuzinger, Julie Ann, University of North Texas (United States)
Leuzinger, Julie, University of North Texas
Lewis, David W, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Lewis, David W, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (United States)
Lewis, Janice Steed, East Carolina University (United States)
Lewis, Janice S., East Carolina University (United States)
Lieber, Claudine, French Ministry of Culture and Education (United States)
Liebst, Anne, Washburn University (United States)
Lindsay, Elizabeth Blakesley, Washington State University (United States)
Lisbon, Adam H., University of Colorado Boulder (United States)

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