Vol 25, No 1 (2011)

Table of Contents

Administrative Updates

Editor's Introduction PDF
Pixey Anne Mosley, Wendi Arant Kaspar
President's Message: Unexpected Leadership PDF
Gail Kennedy
Editor's Desk: Walking the Talk - An Editor’s Comments on Open Access PDF
Wendi Arant Kaspar


Active Shooter in the Library: How to Plan for, Prevent, and Survive the Worst (and Selected Bibliography) PDF
Amy Kautzman, Jennifer Little
Panacea or double-edged sword? The challenging world of fundraising in today’s academic library PDF
John Danneker
Benefits and Challenges of Fun in the Workplace PDF
April Everett
What’s the Return on ROI? The Benefits and Challenges of Calculating Your Library’s Return on Investment PDF
Joseph R. Matthews
LLAMA Voter’s Guide, 2011 PDF
Beth Blakesley


Where is our Future? So Much More to See and Learn PDF
Robert F. Moran, Jr.
The Truth is out There: 911? 511? 411? 311? ….? PDF
Julie Todaro

Conference Activities

Communicating Who We Are: The Theory of Organizational Culture in the Workplace PDF
Richard Moniz


Newsworthy: Plans for Conference in New Orleans PDF
Pixey Anne Mosley

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