Vol 22, No 4 (2008)

Table of Contents

Administrative Updates

President's Column PDF
Molly Raphael 166
Editor’s Keyboard: On To-Do Lists Past and Future PDF
Gregg Sapp 167


ChangeMasters All: A Series on Librarians Who Steered a Clear Course toward the Twenty-First Century: An Interview with Dr. Jerry Campbell PDF
Marcy Simons 168-171
Bridging the Gap in Digital Library Continuing Education: How Librarians Who Were Not “Born Digital” Are Keeping Up PDF
Chris Evin Long, Rachel Applegate 172-182
Effects of the USA PATRIOT Act on Wyoming Libraries, Library Professionals, and Nonprofessionals PDF
Gary J. Chaffee 183-192
Examining Gender Issues and Trends in Library Management from the Male Perspective PDF
Aloha Record, Ravonne Green 193-198
Managing Libraries for Multilingualism: Using the Web for Non-English Language Retrieval and Translation PDF
Patrick M. Valentine 199-204


leading from the middle: “I Can’t Find You Anywhere but Gone,” Revisited PDF
John Lubans, Jr. 205-207
the truth is out there: Juvenile Fish Transporter PDF
Julie Todaro 208-210
manager's bookshelf: Stress Management PDF
Bonnie A. Osif 211-215


Eric C. Shoaf 216-220

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