Vol 22, No 3 (2008)

Table of Contents

Administrative Updates

President’s Column PDF
W. Bede Mitchell 122, 124
Editor’s Keyboard: On Subjectivity, Taken Out of Context PDF
Gregg Sapp 123-124


An Argument on Why the City Should Contribute to the Library Budget in a Means Similar to Corporate Funding of R&D PDF
Beatrice Priestly 125-129
Transforming the Library: The Case for Libraries to End Incremental Measures and Solve Problems for Their Campuses Now PDF
Janice Simmons-Welburn, Georgie Donovan, Laura Bender 130-134
Knowledge Management for Libraries PDF
Elizabeth Nelson 135-137
Human Resource Administration in the Academic Library PDF
Dennis R. Defa 138-141
Making the Good Hire: Updating Hiring Practices for the Contemporary Multigenerational Workforce, Part Two PDF
Wendi Arant Kaspar, Pixey Anne Mosley 142-147


leading from the middle: “Deterministic, Highly Reductive, and Transient” PDF
John Lubans, Jr. 148-149
where is our future? We Need to Take the Blinders Off PDF
Robert F. Moran, Jr. 150-151
Special Guest Column: The Digital Photographer’s Guide to Management PDF
Denise M. Shorey 152-154
manager's bookshelf: Workaholism PDF
Bonnie A. Osif 155-159

Conference Activities

2008 ALA/IIDA Library Interior Design Awards XML
Wendi Arant Kaspar


Eric C. Shoaf 160-164

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