Vol 21, No 3 (2007)

Table of Contents

Administrative Updates

President’s Column PDF
Andrea Laspley 107-108
Editor’s Keyboard: On Fate and Turning Fifty PDF
Gregg Sapp 106, 108


Fiftieth Anniversary Special: A Brief History and Timeline of the Library Administration and Management Association, 1957–2007 PDF
Robert Daugherty, Robert F. Moran, Jr. 109-123
ChangeMasters All: A Series on Librarians Who Steered a Clear Course toward the Twenty-First Century: An Interview with Marianne Gaunt PDF
Marta Mestrovic Deyrup 124-128
A Gentle Introduction to LAMA Web Resources PDF
Brian C. Gray 129-130
Designing Libraries for Customers PDF
William W. Sannwald 131-138
The Future of Technical Services (It’s Not the Technical Services It Was) PDF
Vera Fessler 139-144


on managing: Learning to Lead - A Transatlantic Perspective PDF
John Lubans, Jr. 145-147
where is our future? We Too Need to Shoot Our Wounded PDF
Robert F. Moran, Jr. 148-150
manager's bookshelf: Career Issues, Part 2 PDF
Bonnie A. Osif 151-155


LAMA news section PDF
Eric C. Shoaf 156-158

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