Vol 21, No 2 (2007)

Table of Contents

Administrative Updates

President’s Column PDF
Andrea Laspley 58, 60
Editor’s Keyboard PDF
Gregg Sapp 59-60


ChangeMasters All—A Series on Librarians Who Steered a Clear Course toward the Twenty-first Century: An Interview with Donald E. Riggs PDF
Rich Ackerman 61-64
The Future of Planning PDF
John Bednarz, Jr. 65-69
The Five-Year Itch: Are Libraries Losing Their Most Valuable Resources? PDF
Susanne Markgren, Thad Dickinson, Anne Leonard, Kim Vassiliadis 70-76
Case Study: The NIST Research Library’s Experience Using Focus Groups in Strategic Planning PDF
Nancy Allmang, Mylene Ouimette 77-82
Case Study: Where Is the Diversity? Focus Groups on How Students View the Face of Librarianship PDF
Mary J. Stanley 83-89


Marketing 101: The Long Tail - Implications for Marketing Library Services PDF
Deborah Lee 90-92
on managing: On the Road, Again: Lessons along the Way PDF
John Lubans, Jr. 93-94
manager's bookshelf: Career Issues, Part 1 PDF
Bonnie A. Osif 95-100


LAMA News and Reports PDF
Eric C. Shoaf 101-103

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