How Can We Serve You Better: Customers’ Perceptions of Services and Facilities Offered in a Community Library

Henry W.L. Ho


The purpose of this study is to understand residents’ perceptions of the Big Rapids Community Library (BRCL). The study uses a quantitative online survey to investigate the perceptions of local residents who use this community library. The survey focuses on questions directly related to the services and facilities offered to BRCL customers. The results of the survey indicate that residents’ income levels affect their visits to the library. In addition, female residents view access to a community library as more important than their male counterparts do. This project has important policy implications for BRCL and other community libraries because data on customers’ perceptions and satisfaction are increasingly being used to motivate service reforms, budget allocations, and management accountability. In addition, this intention by BRCL can be treated as a “best practice” model for other community libraries trying to build better relationships with their customers.


Customer perception; service quality; community library; customer retention

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