Career Progression for Librarians and Archivists Without Faculty Status: A New Model

Jody Bailey, Ruthie Brock, Sylvia George-Williams, Lynn F. Johnson, Ramona Holmes, Heather Scalf


In 2013, the dean of Libraries at the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) Libraries formed a task force composed of six librarians and charged them with completely overhauling the career progression policy for librarians and archivists that had been in place since 1995. The task force devised a new policy and a scoring rubric to assist the committee that makes recommendations regarding promotions in their evaluation process. This article describes the process of developing the policy and its accompanying rubric as well as their contents and recounts lessons learned during the first round of evaluations of candidates for promotion.


librarian career promotion; archivist career promotion; library promotion policies; promotion rubric; non-tenure-track promotion; non-faculty status; university libraries

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