Strategic Planning: “Magic-Bullet” or Sleight of Hand

Michael R. Mabe


Many organizations outsource their strategic planning process to a consultant because they believe that a fresh set of eyes will identify an overlooked ‘magic-bullet’ solution to their perennial problems. Unfortunately, this type of uninformed approach leads to organizational confusion and disappointment once the consultant is paid and the final document delivered. No doubt, a consultant can provide fresh solutions to perennial problems. Strategic planning success in any organization is dependent on leadership’s knowledge of management practices, including strategic planning and not just on the one time contributions of an unattached professional strategic plan that can sometime feel like a sleight-of-hand trick. Mature knowledge of how management is practiced coupled with a responsible understanding of the entire strategic planning process will prepare an organization and its leader to effectively incorporate strategic planning recommendations from an internal approach or successfully collaborate with an external consultant in an outsourced approach.


Management Practice; Strategic Planning; Mission Statement;

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